MAbLaunch™ : a joint Sanofi-LFB initiative

MAbLaunch is a joint bioproduction platform combining LFB Biomanufacturing (LFB) and BioLaunch (Sanofi) capabilities in the field of contract development and manufacturing services.
The platform is supported by a collaboration agreement between Sanofi and LFB based on the synergy of their respective industrial capacities and provides the widest range of CMO services to customers in the most flexible manner.

Mammalian cell culture capacities :

- LFB Biomanufacturing : up to 1,000L

- BioLaunch : Up to 3x 10,000L

BioLaunch site (Sanofi)
Vitry-sur-Seine - France
  MAbLaunch™ has developed considerable expertise in process development and manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins using mammalian cell technology.
The MAbLaunch™ offer starts with cell line development, going through process development and scale up, continuing into manufacturing of clinical and commercial batches and Fill&Finish services.

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 MAbLaunch™ Vidéo

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