Cell line development and banking

LFB BIOMANUFACTURING offers cell line development (CLD) services using either the clients’ cell line, or a specific cell line development program to express the client’s recombinant protein. Two CLD platforms are currently available at LFB BIOMANUFACTURING: a CHO-S platform, and EMABling® proprietary platform.

Different steps including molecular and cellular engineering

LFB BIOMANUFACTURING proposes molecular and cellular engineering, with Mab humanization (optional), expression vector construction, vector transfection in CHO-S cells, stable pool production and expression and stable cell line generation. The EMABling® platform enables the manufacture of mAbs with enhanced ADCC.

Master and Working Cell banks

LFB BIOMANUFACTURING has specific facilities and secured storage rooms designed for the preparation of GMP Master and Working Cell Banks, following ICH guidelines. LFB BIOMANUFACTURING also has extensive experience of regulatory requirements for cell line characterization and biosafety testing, collaborating with independent biosafety labs.

Key advantages

The cell line is adapted to high density and serum-free suspension cultures which may achieve a high-yield protein production. Both CLD platforms use the same royalty-free, proprietary optimized expression vectors, offering a real freedom to operate.