• What is the purpose of this policy?

The purpose of this policy dedicated to the use of cookies and other tracers on the website  (hereinafter “the Site”) is to inform you of the use made of cookies and other trackers on the Site.

This policy is subject to be updated in particular according to the evolution of the regulations relating to personal data.

  • What is a tracker or cookie?

When you browse the Site, information relating to the browsing of your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone) is likely to be recorded in a text file also known as a tracker. Cookies are considered as trackers. Trackers contain the name of the server that placed them, an identifier in the form of a unique number and a possible expiry date. Each website can access the trackers/cookies it has deposited on a computer to read them, modify them and save the information they contain.

  • What do we do with trackers / cookies?

Trackers / cookies used on the Site are for the following purposes:

  • Measuring the Site’s audience and its performance: These cookies generated by Matomo allow us to measure the number of visits, page views, and visitor activity on the Site and the frequency of return visits. Not allowing the installation of these cookies will prevent us from measuring the audience, making statistics or improving the quality of our services.
Tracker’s name Editor Purpose Retention period
_pk_ref Matomo Identifies the page from which visitors came to the website to help identify the sites that generate the most traffic 6 months
_pk_cvar Matomo This optional cookie is placed on your computer when, for example, you take part in a survey. The cookie prevents you from being invited to participate in the same survey a second time. 30 minutes
_pk_id.* Matomo Avoid counting a person twice when calculating the number of visits to the site 13 months
_pk_ses.* Matomo Allows to know how long the user stays on the site 30 minutes
_pk_ses Matomo Allows to know how long the user stays on the site 30 minutes
_pk_hsr Matomo Allows Google to analyse website traffic 30 minutes
piwik_ignore Matomo Allows you to tell Matomo that you do not want statistical tracking. 13 months
_pk_uid Matomo Allows Google to analyse website traffic 13 months

For more information about Matomo’s cookies / trackers:

  • offer videos: We offer videos on the Site to enhance its multimedia content. Not allowing the installation of these cookies will not allow you to view the videos on the Site.
Tracker’s name Editor Purpose Retention period
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Youtube Allows for bandwidth estimates 6 months
YSC Youtube Allows to memorize the ID of an Internet user Until the session is closed
PREF Youtube Allows the user’s navigation through the site to be tracked 12 months
GEUP Youtube Allows Youtube to offer services adapted to the videos most viewed by the Internet user 6 months

For more information about YouTube’s cookies / trackers:

  • How to set up your choice?

When connecting to the Site, you were given the opportunity to access or refuse all cookies or to customize your choices.

You have the possibility, at any time, to modify your cookie choices (accept, refuse, personalize) by clicking on the cookie management panel (management of personal data on the footer of the Site).

In addition to customizing via the cookie banner, you can also refuse all types of cookies by configuring your browser settings directly:

Please be aware that blocking all cookies via your browser settings may prevent the normal operation of some websites and deny you access to some services.

For more information on cookies, please consult the website of your national supervisory authority.


If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please contact us by email:

You can also contact us by post : LFB BIOMEDICAMENTS – Direction des Affaires Juridiques et Conformité – Délégué à la Protection des Données – 3 avenue des Tropiques – BP 40305 LES ULIS – 91958 COURTABOEUF CEDEX – FRANCE.

Date of last update 5th August 2021